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Small Business Partners of Florida, LLC...

Small Business Partners of Florida, LLC was started in 2011 in an effort to help small businesses with affordable website design and hosting, graphic design and printing services, as well as with marketing strategies.  Over the last 6 years we have been able to help numerous companies and will continue to support them as well as new clients as they are identified.  However, we have come up with an additional area that we would like to pursue as well and that is one of helping individuals and small companies with their search for caregivers/companions. 

The following is an example of the type of information and individuals that we are looking to work with.  This happens to be an actual need that is current and needs to be filled.  The website for this individual can be found Here.  As additional needs are identified, they will be added/linked to our site for maximum exposure, see Help Wanted.


Are you the right person for the job?

A full time, live-in companion/caregiver wanted….

We are the parents of a mid 40's son who has been disabled since birth due to a brain hemorrhage. Although he may talk and act as a child, he functions very much like you or I would in that he is self sufficient in most regards such as hygiene, dressing, working, etc.. The issue is that in 1999 he went into the hospital for a minor surgery where he contracted a staph infection that just about took his life. The end result is that he lost both of his legs, most of his fingers, and was left with a large hernia and a colostomy. Of course, with no fingers to speak of, he does have trouble taking care of the colostomy and in doing some finer detail tasks. However, he still goes to work 4 out of 5 days a week (only because we limit his hours), is very active in our church, social and charity events, doing chores around the house, etc..

What we are looking for is someone who is willing to live in our home on a permanent, long term basis to help take care of him as needed now and to be a lifelong friend who will hopefully be around for him in the future after we are gone.  We believe if we can find the right person, it could provide that person with a very rewarding and profitable experience.



Below is a list of what we would like to see as a minimum.


  • Single male or female who is around 30 to 35 years of age (someone slightly younger or older would still be considered).

  • You must be a Christian.

  • You must be committed to serving the Lord through a local church and in your daily life. You must be a member of a local church and in good standing within that church. A recommendation from the Senior Pastor will be required.

  • You are prepared to serve the Lord once you relocate and will remain active in the church. 

  • You must have a clean criminal record and must pass a detailed background check.

  • You must be willing to commit to a lifetime personal change in your life in that you will be asked to relocate to a new location and be committed to providing companionship and care to our son for life.

  • You must have a valid drivers license with a safe driving record and able to provide transportation as necessary.

  • You must be willing to pursue similar interests currently held by our son and to introduce him to new interests as they arise and are of interest to you.

  • You must not drink, smoke or use drugs.

  • You must be of good health, not suffering from any life threatening diseases/issues and therefore medically insurable.

What We Can Offer

An hourly wage will not be provided.  However, for the right person,

some of the things that we will supply are as follows:

  • Weekly spending allowance.

  • Health care coverage.

  • Transportation, i.e., car, etc..

  • Life long room and board, i.e., full integration into the existing family structure.

  • All expenses paid for necessity items (as agreed to by family).

  • Free time to pursue personal interests including work, hobbies, etc., as long as they do not interfere with care giving. (Note: The majority of care giving will continue to be provided by family until no longer possible.)

  • Being included in all family activities such as traveling, sports, charity work, etc.

We pray that we still have many years together as a family, but you never know.  My wife and I realize there will be a time when we will have to rely on someone else for support and when that time comes, we hope that we may have found the perfect person to remain with our son.  We also know that it may be extremely difficult to find the right  person, but we trust in the Lord that if such a person exists, they will be led to give us a call.  It may be that someone is looking for a long term ministry and/or a way that they can work in being a missionary, maybe someone who simply does not want to rely on the world to provide their long term security, or ???  If you are interested, please use our Contact Page to let us know and/or to ask us questions you may have.  We would love to hear from you…



For more detail and to contact this client,

please Click Here or call 863.874.0269.




We hope you enjoy our site and come back often to visit.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us by using the “Contact Us” link above.



Special Note:  SBP of Florida began by serving South Lake County and surrounding communities.  However, you can be assured that we will give you the same personalized service no matter what part of Florida or the country that you may live in.  If you would like to submit your company information for consideration, please click here for an application form.




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