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Welcome to Small Business Partners of Florida!  The following form will allow you to provide us with all the information that will be needed to complete your own personalized webpage that will become part of our small business community and published throughout the internet.  Simply fill out the form with as much information as you can and then select the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  Or if you would like to complete the form off-line, you can download a copy in rich text format or in the common Microsoft Works (wps) format by simply clicking on either and then saving it to your hard drive.  In addition to the form, you can send us digital pictures and/or banners that you choose to use to help promote your business.  Simply click here (or use the e-mail address at the bottom of the page) and submit them along with the completed form as attachments.  We encourage you to take advantage of this feature as well to add that personal touch for your customers.  Please check your work carefully for accuracy before you submit it.  



The SBP Management Team



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* Note: Provide your cell phone number only if you want it published. 



The following text box is where you should write a short overview of your company and what it provides.  This area is not meant to be a complete listing of all your services and products in that you will have a chance to do that next.  Be precise and highlight those things that only you can offer.  Please limit the number of characters to the size of the boxes provided.   






Below, list all the specific services that you provide.  Take some time to think carefully about what you put into the next three boxes.  These will define the key words that search engines use when crawling the web and individuals use when they perform searches.  Keep the listing precise and to the point... 






Below, list the specific products that you provide.  This does not have to be a complete list but should highlight the major products you carry. 






Below, list the specific brands that you carry if any.  This can be important to people as they search.   





Specials/Coupons (Optional)


Now provide us a list of specials that you want to run for the month if any.  Remember, this is not required but is one of the key features of your webpage.  By having constantly changing information on your webpage, it keeps customers coming back.  If you don't have any specials to offer right now, don't worry about it.  We can add them at anytime.


The first box is an overview  or summary of what you are offering and may have up to 3 items, i.e., 20% Off, Buy One Get One Free, etc..  This is the first thing your customers will see under special offers/coupons...







Use the next three boxes to describe in detail what each special consists of.  You may want to point out that some specials are not valid with other discount items, limits if any per family, expiration dates, etc..


Item #1



Item #2



Item #3




Other Additions (Optional)


Due to the fact that you never want a webpage to be excessively long, we have tried to design the input form to control the size of the page.  However, we realize you may have some additional information that you would like to see added if possible.  If so, use the box below... 







Please attach any pictures to an e-mail at  Make sure you include

your company name along with the pictures.


You owe nothing until we complete the setup of your page and you approve the copy.  And remember, your first 2 months are free.  That's right, the first six months will cost you only $35.80.




If you need some ideas, check out the following two webpages for examples:

Matlack Tree Farm

South Lake Divers


You webpage once completed with the above information will look something

like what you see on the following page...