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   Welcome To Small Business Partner Auctions...         

Small Business Partners of Florida LLC has created this auction specifically for our local customers so that they would would be able to sell online without the high costs associated with other auctions such as E-Bay.  The idea is to keep the costs as low as possible for the service and to have  more sellers offer local pickup thereby eliminating the high cost of shipping.  Shipping can be offered as well but we encourage our sellers to arrange for pick-up if possible to keep the cost low.


The fee for this service is a low $5.00/month and you can sell as many items as you would like!  However, because we just now getting underway and it will take some time to build a loyal customer/user base, we are giving everyone who joins a $5.00/month credit untilll March 01, 2012.  And for each person you refer to the service, we will give an additional $1.00 credit1


SBP of Florida can also provide you with low cost business cards that will allow you to advertise your auctions by giving one to everyone you come in contact with2


There's really no reason for you not to try it whether your a local store in Central Florida or simply wanting to clean out the garage. 

Why Not Start Today!



1) Refer a friend and have them use your user name when they sign-up and you will automatically get a $1.00 credit.

2) Order 2500 personalized business cards for a low $0.013 each.  Click here for more information.


This service can be used by anyone regardless of location as long as they agree to the

SBP Auction Online user agreement. Violators will be banned and subject to legal prosecution!


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Clermont, Florida

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